Sturgeon Fishing

STURGEON: Sturgeon are the dinosaurs of the Columbia River. They range anywhere from 12 inches to 12 feet in length and weigh up to 700 pounds. Keeper Sturgeon seasons are changed annually,  call Dave Maroon for specific details.. Oversize Sturgeon (also referred to as trophy Sturgeon) typically make runs of 100 yards or more and make multiple jumps while hooked. An average day of Keeper Sturgeon fishing is catching from 20 to 30 fish with numerous “keepers”. On typical Oversize Sturgeon fishing trips you can expect to catch 2 to 6 of these monsters a day that range between 6′ and 12′ in length! I highly recommend a Sturgeon trip for anyone who wants lots of action and a very memorable fishing experience.

We offer COMBO fishing trips where clients catch both Salmon and Sturgeon on the same day. These trips are very popular so book early.

The views, scenery and wild life in the area where we catch Sturgeon is just breath taking. Sturgeon fishing is done with the boat anchored so you get a chance to relax and take in everything around you. Be sure to bring your camera because you’re sure to see things on these Sturgeon fishing trips that you may never see again. Sea Lions, bald eagles, raging waters of the Bonneville dam, sun rises, sunsets and countless other photo opportunities are all a part of these fishing trips.

Book Now for a Sturgeon fishing trip with Dave Maroon’s Fishing Adventures. Then do as many of our clients do and make it an annual tradition. 503.750.3319


A typical day of Sturgeon fishing means 2 – 15 keepers and you will catch numerous others that are too small. They usually only run a few inches below the minimum keeper size so they are still tons of fun to play and provide plenty of fight. The best time of the year for this productive fishery is October through May.


AWESOME! This is the only way to describe this fishery. Often described as the Marlin of the Columbia, oversize sturgeon are those fish over 54″ inches in length. Most of these are 6 to 10 feet long weighing from 100 – 400 pounds and more! All these oversize fish must be released as these are the fish that reproduce but if you have the will to bring them to the boat you will have an excellent photo opportunity and a good story to go along with it. The best time of the year for these trophy Sturgeon is May – November