Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead fishing is better in the local Northwest waters near Portland, Oregon than most other places anywhere. Every year anglers come from all around the world to battle these hard fighting fish. Many say that Steelhead are the hardest fighting fish pound for pound that you will ever catch. They often take off on long runs and they continually jump several feet out of the water. Come fish with Dave Maroon on the Columbia River, the John Day Arm and the Sandy river and see why clients return year after year for these popular runs.

Photos above are a happy client with a Steelhead caught on the John Day Arm in Oregon.

Book Now for a Steelhead fishing trip with Dave Maroon’s Fishing Adventures. Then do as many of our clients do and make it an annual tradition. 503.750.3319


SUMMER STEELHEAD: Summer Steelhead are the most acrobatic and aggressive fish in our rivers. Numerous jumps and runs are common while hooked.

They are very good eating and thrilling to catch. Catching 4 to 10 fish a day is common. I fish on the Columbia River, the Sandy river and the John Day river arm for these fish. Summer Steelhead fishing is best from June through November.


WINTER STEELHEAD: Winter Steelhead – Winter steelhead offer quite a different challenge. I do all of my Winter steelhead fishing out of my driftboat on the Sandy river.

These trips are scenic, relaxing and you will be sure to have many lasting memories after your trip. Like summer steelhead, winter steelhead are excellent eating, very feisty and quite numerous. Please keep in mind that weather conditions play a large role in the success of one of these trips so give me a call when you are considering fishing for Winter Steelhead. Winter Steelheading is best in December, January and February.