Salmon Fishing
It’s a fact that Salmon fishing here in the Northwest is World famous. Portland, Oregon is a fishing capital of the world and you can catch more Salmon (within a short drive from Portland) than most places in the world. “We have clients coming here to catch record size Fall Chinook Salmon from all around the globe including Canada and Alaska!”
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Fall Chinook Salmon are the biggest of all the Salmon that swim up the Columbia river. The average fish is 20-30 pounds but we get fish in the 40-50 pound range every year.

They are very good table fare and fight really hard. This is a really fun fishery because you never know how big a fish you are going to hook. The best time of the year for these big Chinook is mid August – early November.


Spring Chinook Salmon are the best eating fish that run up the Columbia river. They are fresh out of the ocean and are full of fight.

I commonly put 2-10 fish in the boat per trip. Book early because these trips are very popular. Seasons change from year to year based upon regulations but generally run Mach – April on the Columbia river and March – May on the Willamette river.


Summer Chinook Salmon are a very aggressive and bigger cousin of the Spring Chinook. Average size is in the 20 pound range with fish sometimes going to 35 pounds. Dave Maroon combines these trips with Summer Steelhead in late June through July.

Catching 4 to 15 fish a day is common during this fishery. This makes for a truly enjoyable day catching both
Steelhead and Salmon! Most of this fishing is done below Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River.